Photography work I have taken while in Egypt
This is the part of the gallery where I display my beautiful country: Egypt. Even though I havent been there except twice since I started professional photography, I feel I had to make a project just to show the shots I have taken there. And I pray that I will go there again to take even more shots of the "After January 25" Egypt.
Qasr Al-Nile Bridge
Cairo right before sunset
A close up photo of one of the lions at Qasr Al-Nile Bridge
A local fisherman from Alexandria takes some time out to call a friend or a loved one
I love taking bird's eye views of Cairo. It lets you enjoy its beauty without the clutter of traffic
Azhar Park
Sometimes I like to leave my DSLR and use my old Holga for some 120mm B&W film photos, like this one here of Cairo
Old habits never die .. This old man from Alexandria has probably come to this spot for fishing for many years
Cairo shifting slowly from the new, the old ... 
Another angle of the Qasr Al-Nile lions
I love downtown Cairo at night
The Nile at night, with lights coming from the fancy 5 star hotels by its shores
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